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Norcal Ketamine Infusion Centers

Dr. Lipman started his career off working as an anesthesiologist but became more involved in pain management in 2010. He now has a successful pain management practice with offices throughout Northern California. Always interested in new treatments that promote quality of life, his interest in ketamine as a therapy for his patients was a natural progression. Although the infusion practice is relatively new, he has seen the positive effects ketamine has had on patients for years. Being able to offer people a treatment who feel as though they have ran out of options is the driving force behind his decision to open his infusion center. People have grown tired of medical practices that don’t center on the needs of the patient. The goal of NorCal Ketamine Infusion Centers is to help those who have lost hope and to provide service by medical professionals that will call you back! We want to provide excellent care for our patients and help them get the most out of life.

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Meet Our Team

dr zachary lipman

Zachary Lipman, MD


After completing a residency in anesthesiology in 2005, Dr. Lipman has enjoyed living and working in Northern California primarily as an anesthesiologist until 2010. He is very passionate about helping these patients feel better through interventions that can help relieve the inflammatory and mechanical processes involved in many types of pain syndromes.

morgan pace

Morgan Pace, RN

Infusion Director

Morgan has been an RN for 24 years and has worked everywhere from LA to London, England. He has a diverse background including Oncology, Surgery and Emergency Medicine.

brooke pace

Brooke Pace, RN

Marketing Director, Patient Education Coordinator

Brooke also works as a Post Anesthesia Nurse and but is excited in her role in educating both providers and patients on the benefits of treatment with Ketamine.