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Norcal Ketamine Infusions

Effective Treatments for
Overcoming Difficulties

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Chronic Pain

Treatment of neuropathic pain disorders

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Reduction of intrusive thoughts caused by PTSD

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Refractory Depression

Treatment for depression that does not respond to other methods

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Suicidal Ideations

Ketamine is the only medication that works within hours to remove thoughts of self-harm

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Hello! I am
Dr. Zachary Lipman

I began my career as an anethestiologist and turned my focus to pain management in 2010. Since then, I've grown a successful practice with multiple locations throughout the North State. Every day, I help patients evaluate and reduce their pain. While Ketamine infusions are a relatively new concept, the benefits are extensive. With this new treatment, I strive to provide options for those that feel that they have none.

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